Bateel Gourmet – A Review

I never thought about reviewing Bateel for my ‘work friendly cafe reviews’ series. It’s not really known for that and It’s been around for ages. It didn’t occur to me. I happen to be in Town Center Jumairah early this week, to visit PaperLane; the crafts store I like to get all my scrapbooking papers from. I was there early, and hungry, and there was Bateel. It was meant to be.

It’s a very nice restaurant, especially for breakfast. And they have the most robust and strong coffee. They like to pair it with a piece of date. I hear the combination is delicious. I am not a date person so I’ll leave you to judge that on your own. They also make arabic coffee, but I’ve never been a fan of that so I have no clue if it’s good. Honestly, when it comes to things that are normally homemade, I almost never go for it at a restaurant. Arabic coffee is a homemade staple at practically every home in the gulf region. But, who knows, maybe Bateel’s is actually good.  Continue reading →


The Coffee Club Review

I find that I write my best stuff when I am out of the house and drinking really nice coffee. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it always works. The better the place and the coffee, the better my the writing.

I don’t do this every day, because, hello, broke! I do the bulk of my writing at home. But there are times when motivation to write just won’t come. Or my mind goes completely blank after writing for a few days in a row. Sometimes I feel like I can’t come up with any new ideas. Most of the time, I am just really bored from sitting at my desk for days on end. A change of scenery will do wonders to any creative type. Actually, scratch that, it will do wonders to any human being out there. Alas, this is not about you people, this is about us, those who’s work is not traditional. Continue reading →