Fear Reared It’s Ugly Head

I keep going back to this memory anytime I am about to do something new. I am siting in class, chatting with my friends, and everyone is talking about a dream they have. Someone says they want to run their own company one day, and another one talks about how incredible and rewarding it would be if they could simply travel the world and experience the nomadic life. I nodded, oohed and aahed along with the rest of the amazed looks. When it was time for me to chime in, I said something about wanting to have a comic strip published in the newspaper. And then I said that I wanted to write a cute fun comic book, and it’s going to be based on our daily lives. Everyone looked at me with eyes wide open, filled with excitement. Someone said, OH MY GOD, LET’S DO THAT!! It would be so much fun.  Continue reading →


What lies ahead

When I look back at where I was 10 years ago, I realize just how much I changed. With no prospects whatsoever or any clue of what I was doing. I managed to make it this far. I want to put things in perspective. I now live. I read. I draw. I write. I create.

Once again, as it happened many times before, I find myself on the verge. Looking out with my hand towering over my forehead, eyes squinting, into the horizon. I wait.