A writer, an artist , an entrepreneur and an imaginative dreamer. Everything I do has an effect, whether it’s on me or the people I interact with. I seek the signs hiding away in this massive universe, and I search for a life filled with love, acceptance and understanding. A life that I thankfully have now, and one that I work, constantly, to maintain and improve.

I decided in the year 2012, that my life had to change, even though I had no idea what that change looked like. 3 years later I quit my job. I wrote two books, one that sits on my shelf, and the other one on my desk, waiting to be edited and published. I paint, draw and sketch whenever I have free time. And I started an online business creating customized journals. I spend most of my time working on those three things and I’ve never looked back.

My mind is full, and that is both a curse and blessing. I am often overwhelmed by my inability to find clarity and focus and I fall back into negative and harmful habits which hold me back and keep me down. I constantly fluctuate between optimist and pessimist, but people know me for my positivity.

I’ve had an interesting journey. One where depression, loss, anxiety, self loathing, eating disorders and addiction were my common frenemies. I never talked about any of it, and chose to fix my own shit. It only took me about 10 years, but I finally have an understanding of who I am and how to keep my head above water. I believe that sharing all of this, with who ever wants to listen, can hopefully help someone navigate through their lives.

Food. Art. Books. Travel. People. Health. Movies. Music. Tv Shows. These are just a few things I am passionate about. I am happy, most of the time and I am an awesome geeky proud Leo. And if you haven’t guessed it already, I am extremely self obsessed!!

This is me on one of my many travels.. covered in fresh snow..

ps: I am obsessed with that hoodie 🙂

2013-12-06 09.56.53-1


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