Damn Those Ducks

I never know what to say around people who think they know what’s best for me. On one hand, I want to say “fuck off, I’m living my life best way I know how”, on the other hand, I don’t want to risk being shunned. Well, I don’t really care, but one must keep the image intact. God forbid anyone sees you at anything less than your 100%.

I think it’s safe to say that life is hard. It doesn’t matter how much you know, how much more you’re willing to learn, the hours you put in for work, all the efforts you make to become the person you feel you should be. Whether you achieve that goal or not, there will always be something to hold you back. Because that’s just our nature. Right? We are always moving, searching, running, learning, etc. There’s always more to be had. Queue anxiety attack.

I am not sure what my point was when I started writing this post. I’ve been working on improving myself since as long as I could remember, over 10 years. But the work has been more focused and instrumental in the last 6 months. I finally feel like I can poke my head out from underwater and breath. And then I saw this picture online and it made me crack up.

Ducks in a Row

What my life feels like

I mean, doesn’t it feel like this all the time? I think the best way forward for me is to stay focused on myself, the work, the ducks, as annoying as it may be to keep them in line – maybe i’ll let them roam around and focus on them individually. Who ever said they had to be in line!?


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