Bateel Gourmet – A Review

I never thought about reviewing Bateel for my ‘work friendly cafe reviews’ series. It’s not really known for that and It’s been around for ages. It didn’t occur to me. I happen to be in Town Center Jumairah early this week, to visit PaperLane; the crafts store I like to get all my scrapbooking papers from. I was there early, and hungry, and there was Bateel. It was meant to be.

It’s a very nice restaurant, especially for breakfast. And they have the most robust and strong coffee. They like to pair it with a piece of date. I hear the combination is delicious. I am not a date person so I’ll leave you to judge that on your own. They also make arabic coffee, but I’ve never been a fan of that so I have no clue if it’s good. Honestly, when it comes to things that are normally homemade, I almost never go for it at a restaurant. Arabic coffee is a homemade staple at practically every home in the gulf region. But, who knows, maybe Bateel’s is actually good. 

I wasn’t planning on working that day and I didn’t have my laptop with me but I realized on the drive to Town Center that I was going to have at least two free hours before I had to get going. This is why I like to keep an emergency notepad in my car. For those times when I am in the mood to work on my book but don’t have my laptop with me.

I connected to their wifi on my iPhone, but I hated it. First, they make you connect to the wifi, using a password and username, which took 5 minutes to connect. Then, you realize that the connection is only valid for one hour. You have to ask for another password if you’re staying there for more than an hour. Which, to me, seems like a given. Unless you’re going for a quick meal on your own, you’re going to be there for more than an hour. If you’re going to spend three or four hours to write in Bateel, you have to keep asking the servers for a new password every hour. I am guessing this is to stop people from using their wifi connection. Not work friendly at all. Who knows, maybe they frown upon laptop users!!!

I loved their coffee and the breakfast as well. The space was gorgeous. Big, airy and so bright. It was the perfect setting to write. I got a lot done in the two hours I spent at Bateel. My hand flowed on paper and it felt incredible to write like that. The place was practically empty in the morning but it got busier close to lunch time. I grabbed one of the booths and they were ok with me occupying a 6-person-table by myself.

I didn’t like the music at all! It was annoying, even though it was instrumental music. It was the annoying kind with guitars or oud or something with strings. However, the sound of the indoor waterfall on the lower floor was so relaxing. The combination of the bright light and the sound of the water, was pure perfection. You’ll get the same effect if you go to the Bateel’s branch in Dubai Mall.

Parking is a non issue. The branch is in a shopping mall after all. The staff friendliness varies depending on which branch you’re at. I remember not liking the staff in Dubai Mall, but the servers in Town Center were lovely.

Final verdict? I’d visit Bateel-Town Center again to write, but only if I am writing freehand and don’t need my laptop for research! I am not a fan of the wifi connection AT ALL!!!! I also think that this isn’t the best work-friendly cafe out there.

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Here’s the rating for this place based on my criteria.

Coffee – 10/10

Comfort 10/10

Food  9/10

Wifi 4/10

Music 2/10

Atmosphere 10/10

Parking 10/10

Disclaimer1: I am not part of Paper Fig Desserts nor was I paid to write this review. This is purely a way for me to review and document the best restaurants and cafes in The U.A.E. for individuals who want to write and enjoy good coffee. If their food is good, that’s a plus.

Disclaimer 2: The main picture on this blog post was not taken by me. I found it with a google search. The rest of the images however all by me. 


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