Paper Fig Desserts Review

I am not sure when Paper Fig opened exactly, but I remember being extremely excited about it. I love Sharjah, I can’t imagine living anywhere else, and I’ve lived on a whole other continent for years, so you know I mean it when I say that. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. However, Sharjah lacks a few things, hence the need to drive to Dubai. I worked in Dubai for many years. I woke up every morning, and I drove in that awful traffic you all know and hate, and then I drove back home in that same awful traffic. Driving to Dubai is a hassle. It’s the biggest hassle for me.

I love going out in the morning for breakfast, it puts me in the perfect mood to write and produce. Mornings inspire me. But the drive, well, the drive has the opposite effect on me. Knowing that good coffee and yummy breakfast are only 5 minutes away, is the reason for my happiness in life. You might think that I am exaggerating, but please, take my word for it.

The fact that this – cafe turned restaurant – is Emirati owned, is incredibly inspiring to all the Emiratis affected by the entrepreneurial bug. If and when you visit, you must read their story on the menu. I won’t spoil it for you.

Paper Fig opens at 8AM every day. They close at 11PM on weekdays and 12AM on weekends. The cafe has a quaint rustic feel to it. Which is my absolute favorite style. I like wooden interior. It feels like something you’d find in a small woodsy town in old Europe. It’s relaxing. I like to go and sit in the corner and write or read. I usually have two cappuccinos. Because one is not enough.

Their menu offers the big threes – breakfast, lunch, dinner – and desserts. I’ve mostly tried their breakfast items, and their lentil salad once for dinner. Order it with grilled chicken, you’ll thank me. Their food is very delicious and their cakes and pastries are freshly made.

There’s a parking structure right in front of the cafe, so worry not, you’ll find a space. Try to avoid lunch time (12 to 2), if you want peace and quite. The cafe is very close to Universities and Schools, and the students like to go out for lunch. Most of the cafes and restaurants in that area get very busy around this time. You’ve been warned. If you can work any time and any where, then go right ahead.

The cafe does offer free wifi, and I’ve used it a few times, but they seem to be having some trouble with new customers lately. They are working on the problem to fix it soon.

The music they play is easy listening, mostly instrumental. It’s not my favorite kind of music so I tend to put on my headphones when I am working.

Finally, the waiters are wonderful, helpful and very joyful. But there’s always the odd new waiter awkwardly serving you every now and then, who is still figuring out how to do everything.

Here’s the rating for this place based on my criteria.

Coffee – 10/10

Comfort 10/10

Food  7/10

Wifi 7/10

Music 5/10

Atmosphere 10/10

Parking 8/10

Disclaimer: I am not part of Paper Fig Desserts nor was I paid to write this review. This is purely a way for me to review and document the best restaurants and cafes in The U.A.E. for individuals who want to write and enjoy good coffee. If their food is good, that’s a plus.



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