Just Undiscovered – Why I quit my job in 2015

Several months ago, I was sitting in my cubicle (a big fancy cubicle on the highest floor in the building where I worked). I felt trapped. I stared at my screen for hours, my mind wandered and I thought the same thing I’d been thinking for nearly a year. What on God’s earth am I doing here!?

I didn’t know how to answer that question. I genuinely didn’t know what kept me going, other than the money of course. I kept hearing “I’m not lost, not lost, just undiscovered” over and over. It was annoying at first, but I finally realized it was from the song Undiscovered by James Morrison. And it was exactly what I felt. I didn’t feel lost, I didn’t feel sad, I just wasn’t utilized. Potential oozed out of me. I worked as a web content and project manager for 4 years, and I was ready to give more but the ridiculous work politics made it impossible. I soon realized that I wasn’t willing to fight any longer, because I wasn’t passionate about my work any more. 

The next logical step was to quit. I did just that a few month after I had that revelation.

Do I regret quitting my job? GOD NO.

Do I wish I had a job now? Sure, for a bit of income.

Do I ever want to go back to an office job? I’d rather die!!!

Would I? Go back to an office job? Ughhh. If I have to I guess 😑

I truly believe that everyone has their own path. We don’t all have to do the same thing. We don’t all have to go to college, get good grades, get a job, be miserable at the job but stay anyway because that’s what’s expected of you and because, BILLS.

Don’t get me wrong, the path I’ve chosen now, is difficult, unstable and it requires a lot more work than the office job. But I know it’s the path for me, because I tried it the other way. I went to college, I have a Bachelors degree, I got a job that payed well and allowed me to travel the world on business class, and then I got a Masters degree. I mean, why not, that’s what you do right?

I wouldn’t change my past if it were possible, I am better for it now.

I am not lost. I was, for a very long time, but I am not lost anymore. I am just undiscovered.

Here’s to a happy fulfilling and positive year. Follow your path and then relentlessly and consistantly work towards your contentment.  Remember that happiness is not a destination, it’s a ways of life. Do you!


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