A State of Comatose – Post Nanowrimo

Part of me knew that something like this would happen. That I would shut down after the words marathon my brain had – not willingly – participated in. I had never spent more than a few days writing in a row, let alone an entire month. It was a binge-like behavior. I was binge-writing and coming down from that high was a little depressing, I am not going to lie. It has felt like there weren’t any more words to write, as if my brain had run out of words.

I’ve mentioned this on my blog a few times before, but I’ve never actually written more than 10k words a year. This includes my diary, the myriad of blogs I’ve kept over the years, and any type of personal and recreational writing. For work, I would write nearly 40k words a year. Writing has always been a means to an end, despite the passion I have for it.

I feel like my life will forever be cut in to two parts. Life before Nanowrimo of 2015, and life after Nanowrimo. I’ve achieved a lot of things in the first part of my life, most of which I am proud of. And then there’s this new part, which is exciting, immensely different and utterly rewarding. My world is now vivid and alive, all thanks to writing.

It’s because I spent a month focused on writing, even when it was the last thing I wanted to do. It made me notice things and capture moments I had once ignored, savoring them for posterity and writing material. I look at everything as research for writing now.

The downside to all of this, is that now, when I am not writing, it feels like something is wrong. It feels like I am not doing my job. I wonder if other writers feel the same way. If you do, leave me a comment and tell me how your life is different after completing Nanowrimo, whether it’s your first time or you fifth.

December is coming to an end, and I haven’t written much. Just a few short stories for my other blog and I am also writing in my diary. I want to write articles for this blog. I want to start editing the story I wrote in November and continue writing the other story I started near the end of November. There’s so much I want to write, and edit, and the thought had paralyzed my brain slightly. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for over two weeks, and I had to force myself to sit down and finish it.

I am hoping that it will get the ball rolling on my other projects.

I look forward to more writing, more exploring and most importantly, more living; in the moment.

As always, thank you for following, stopping by, and reading.


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